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STEM - Domestic & Business Alarm Systems

STEM offers top notch home and commercial alarm systems. Our team of security experts offer the best advice on the best alarm system for your premise. If you have a well-fitted alarm system you are less likely to experience a break-in. We offer both home burglar alarm systems and commercial burglar alarm systems.

Understanding the burglar alarm system

A burglar alarm system is composed of a sequence of electrical constituents that are attached to a premise. They detect movement through the sensors consequently letting out a large alarm that alerts those around of the unsanctioned entry.

Home burglar alarms

You want your family safe from burglary and the best way to ensure that the risks of a burglary are reduced is to get a home burglar alarm. Our stem technologies experts will fit these alarms for you and guarantee your home is protected. Our services are affordable and on top of that, you get a free security review so that we understand your requirements and will sort your needs to the very best of our capabilities.

Commercial burglar alarm systems

Businesses are vulnerable to burglar attacks and to avoid the losses that may arise from these break-ins you need to have a secure alarm system that will guarantee the safety of your business. We install different systems depending on what you choose.

Grades 1 to grade 3 bells that have police response are available. Whichever system you require we ensure that it is well fit and offers coverage to all vulnerable parts of your property.

Benefits of our home burglar systems

Variety in setting options

Depending on the settings you want you can set or unset on different devices. Whether you are on android or IOS you are assured flexibility on your preferences.

Alarm system with battery monitoring

The device retains battery when the system is not in use. It knows when the battery needs replacement and will inform you prior to exhaustion.

Easy to understand interface

Our alarm systems are generally programmed to make it easy for you to navigate without much problem. The user-friendly menus allow for easy customization to suit your preferred needs.
We also offer two main types of alarms namely:

  • Wireless burglar alarms; this is easy to install as there are no wires; it’s most suitable for where wiring is not possible.
  • Wired burglar alarms: these are more expensive to install as they require wires for the sensors to work. They are more suitable for large properties.

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