Domestic and Commercial CCTV systems

Domestic and Commercial CCTV systems

The threat of encroachment on your property can be overwhelming when you do not have a proper surveillance system. We at Stem Technologies understand the need for top-quality systems and how important it is to keep your business and home safe.

There are differences between domestic and commercial CCTV cameras; domestic cameras are cheaper but are not as effective as commercial ones. Before choosing the best camera that suits your business or home talk to one of our experts to get the best advice on what will work best for you.

Factors such as image quality, continuous usage and coverage should make the top of your list when you are shopping for a good surveillance system.

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Domestic CCTV systems

With the increase in crime-related activities, security is essential to every home owner. The importance of the safety of your home and family cannot be underestimated. That is why we offer top- notch home CCTV systems that ensure your property is well monitored.

You are assured affordable solutions for your security needs. Our engineers asses your property and locate the best places to place these systems to ensure no intruders get in undetected. As an added advantage you get a free app that ensures you are connected regardless of where you are.

What to expect

The cameras we install offer constant surveillance and recording which are stored on the hard drive. The app that comes with these devices allows you to monitor your home from any location. There is no limit to the devices compatible with this app as you can use your android phone, laptops and iPhones. This gives you all access to your premise as you can log in at any specific moment of your choosing. We install Hikvision systems which are the world’s leading supplier in video surveillance. These systems offer clear imagery and are of extremely high quality.

Commercial CCTV systems

Commercial properties are the most vulnerable when it comes to attacks and invasions. we know the importance of having a good quality working CCTV security system. Keeping a visual of how things run around your business is important in making sure you are able to detect unusual behavior and act on it promptly.

With our industry-standard systems you and your staff are assured of safety as the systems offer continuous monitoring. Our experts offer free security review by advising you on how best to secure your building.